Siamese White

Dr. Somkiat Athikhomkulchai M.D.
A human ophthalmologist
Bangkok Thailand

A long long time ago when white birds with pink eyes born from mutation to be albinos , all of them died because of the poor vision and cannot fly to the sky for survival ( to prey , to flee or finding food ) One day there are some kinds of albinos that have variation to be dark eyes with good vision and can survive after then.

If you look into the eyes of the caucasian people you will find the variation of the eyes' color instead of the dark brown of the Asian people. The difference depends on the amount of the melanin pigment deposit on the Iris which surround the central dark Pupil.

For over 20 years , I have tried to breed a real white racing pigeon with regular eyes from the dark eyes albinos. In general when we breed normal color racing pigeon , sometimes we got absolutely white pigeon with dark eyes and we called it "Albinos " but sometimes which was very very rare that we got a "real white" racing pigeon with regular eyes color which make the white looks more attractive ( looks like human caucasian eyes ). Now I have already made it to be a purebred absolutely white with various beautiful color eyesigns and call it " SIAMESE WHITE "

Racing Pigeon


White Racing Pigeon

 Real white

Regular eyesign


Dark eyesign


The Characteristics of real white racing pigeon

(Siamese white pigeon)

Absolutely white all through the body from beak to nails. The most important point is in the eyes. It must not dark but any bright colors of the iris which surrounding the black small pupil at the center of the eyes such as pearl , pink , red , yellow or orange. The dark small pupil indicate that the bird can see normally.

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Last updated : 14 October 2009