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1.From : Joe Wasner

Q : Is Siamese white the same as white Pletinckx ?

A : No. The diferrence between the Siamese white and the white Pletinckx is the eyesigns. The white Pletinckx has dark bull?s eyes while the Siamese white has bright colored eyes.

2. From : Rene Calado, Jr., D.V.M.

Q : However, my friends tell me that they (these white racing pigeons) are just good as domestic pets. They will never excellent in the normal races. What's your opinion on this?

A :Your friend's opinion is not totally correct, although the white color of the pigeon is standout in the nature and has more chance to be the bait of the hawk or eagle and the flight feathers of the white pigeon is weaker than the normal color pigeon , the ace white pigeon may have chance to be excellent especially in the short and middle distance racing.

3. From : Rebert J. Wetzel

Q : If there are any birds available in the USA ?

A : I don't think there is any purebred white racing pigeon with colored eyesign ( Siamese white ) in the USA or anywhere else. And we are going to breed the high quality youngadults for commercial soon.

4. From : Frank Mosca

Q : Now, I'm interested in your normal eyed whites? Do they often (occasionally) come with a few red or grizzled feathers in the nest plumage?

A : No, almost all of the Siamese white show absolutely white feathers in the nest plumage now . But they often (occasionally) do in the early generations.

Q : I'd appreciate knowing if any of them come marked with any colored feathers at all in the nest.

A : Certainly, they come marked with normal colored feathers.

Q : There have been rumors of a dominant white in pigeons and I'm trying to find out if this may be one of them.

A : No, it is still recessive white. I don't think there is any dominant white pigeon in the world.

Q : I understand your use of the term albino for the dark eyed (bull-eyed) whites, but in a genetic usage we reserve the term albino for those animals which have a pink eye (as in white rabbits or white mice) and produce no melanin at all.

A : In human theory of ?Albinism and ocular involvement ? I apply to explain why the land and water white animals can survive with the poor vision pink eyes and why we have not ever seen white birds with pink eyes. The answer is that vision is very very important for birds survival, both the bait and the predator while flying in the sky and the vision will be normal only if the eyes have pigments deposition , that is why birds have only Incomplete albinism and can explain why white pigeons have bull?s eyes , black beak or dark skin ( have selective pigment deposition in some part of the body especially that develop from the ectodermal layer of the embryo )

5. From : Frank Tasker

Q : I have been involved with the White racing pigeons for more than 20 years.The best fancier with the White pigeons is Camiel Cardon from Aalst, Belgium. I wrote an article on this loft (seeFreddy,s pages.) All the birds of Camiel Cardon have the same eye signs that you would find in a normal loft. Never do you find the so called Bull Eye.I am certain that no loft in the world with White pigeons can put forward the results of Camiel Cardon.

A : I have seen the article that you wrote about visiting Camiel Cardon loft in Belgium and seen the photo picture of his white gold. Most of them were not pure white but foul-feathering with black beak and may be black nails. Unlike Camiel Cardon, my aim of breeding now is not at racing performance but for the good form of the body structure and must be absolutely white from beak to nails with bright colored eyesign.

Comment : The black beak and colored eyesign almost always come together and it's not difficult to make it. The foul-feathering white or the grizzle with or without black beak and nails was the mid way of evolution of the Siamese white pigeon in my loft.(See the photo picture)

6. From : Dr. Jerry Perrone

Q : If I understand you correctly, the hybrids will produce 10 to 30% white youngsters. Do you have a ratio of white youngsters produced in relationship to first, second and third generation of inbred hybrid?

A : All the Breeding pairs are white with colored eyes or sometimes with hybrid bull's eyes but never hybrid (bull's eyes) with hybrid (bull's eyes) .

Q : Do the white youngsters exhibit only pure white or are other colors tones included in the feathering?

A : Now, most of them exhibit pure white include beak and nails.

Q : Is the eye sign in the hybrid a dark brown with a clear delineation of the cornea?

A : The eyes sign of the hybrids exhibit in various colored tones from dark brown to dark red eyesigns.

Q : Do any of the white youngsters eye signs show green or blue?

A : No, I haven't seen it except for yellow-green. I wish in the future it may be possible to make the green and blue eyesigns like cats , dogs and human?s eyes.

Q : What is the base genotype of the hybrid?

A : It's still Autosomal recessive white with some hidden colored eyesign alleles on the chromosome.

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